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Adventures await. Come follow us. We like to take the path less traveled. Or create our own.

Susan Whitson Travel is a boutique travel consultancy firm for the discerning traveler and was born from a love of travel and a desire to share vastly rich and diverse destinations with people who are passionate about seeking unforgettable memories through exploration and adventure.

We work with a small group of clients who value a friendly, professional relationship and yearn to experience meaningful travel.  Our long-term client relationships are a result of those who entrust us with the most important trips of their lives.

Rewilding: travel that restores.

Susan Whitson Travel supports and promotes responsible tourism, including investing in local communities. We believe transformative travel happens when travelers connect with the right people in authentic locations. Making travelers a temporary but active part of the community, instead of just a spectator, is a key part of our travel design.  With these core elements, our desire is to design meaningful travel which surpasses client expectations and creates lasting memories beyond the moment.

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What Sets Us Apart

 White House Experience

As former White House staffers to Mrs. Laura Bush, we have the unique skills to create meaningful and exclusive experiences fit for a US president, coupled with logistics that run with precision and ease.  We also have personal experience coordinating and traveling with security teams and working with diplomatic entities. When clients request security for their family, our goal is to implement proactive security measures into our clients' trips while maintaining the privacy they desire.



Extensive Travel

The Susan Whitson Travel team has traveled to 80+ countries and all 50 US states.  Having planned travel for clients on all seven continents, we excel at planning travel to emerging and off-the-beaten path destinations.  And we are always happy to show you a new travel path you might not have thought of before.


Meaningful, Responsible Approach

Susan Whitson Travel understands the impacts of tourism on local communities. Positive impacts include employment opportunities, income generation, infrastructure development, women's empowerment, improvements in social services.   The places we vacation are other people's neighborhoods; therefore, we work closely with local partners who understand and often live in these communities. These partners help us create magical moments by connecting our clients with the right people and the right experiences in authentic locations: traveling with a local guide to see a city in a new way; sharing tea as a guest in a local villager’s home during a hike; purchasing a handmade goods from a local women’s cooperative; helping donate and install a new water pump in a rural village. Designing meaningful travel beyond the moment and responsibly investing in local communities is at the heart of every trip we design.


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